OPERATION BE LESS FAT - A Quick And Easy Weight Loss Tip

I hope we all understand now that there is no magic to losing weight. Regardless of people's feelings or what someone is trying to sell you, shedding the pounds comes from a calorie deficit. That usually means eating less food.

With eating less usually comes hunger. A big problem with hunger is that it causes us to want to eat more. When I sit down to a meal when I'm hungry I often end up scarfing down my food. That is a very bad habit.

Many studies show that fast eaters gain more weight over time than slow eaters. Two possible reasons are satiety and digestion. When you rush the process you do not digest your food as well. You also don't give your body the time it needs to realize it is getting full.

It's so ironic how counterintuitive wanting to stuff your face is when you are on a diet. Hell, with less calories to eat we should be savoring them even more than ever.

A few weeks ago I had my arm in a sling from some terrible shoulder tendinitis. It was so bad that I had to eat with my non-dominant hand. That certainly slowed me down. I mentioned to Jess how this is a great idea for weight loss like I just invented it. She said she's seen it in many places.

So I'm certainly not taking credit for the idea, but it doesn't hurt to put it out there for my readers. Using my left hand to eat did remind me how I used to really try to slow down my eating when cutting calories.

Now I am back to trying to consciously slow down while eating and I'm definitely enjoying my meals more. I admit I am not always using my non-dominant hand, but I will switch it up to slow down. Regardless of which hand I am using, I really try to put my fork/food down between each bite. I also chew my food more. I'll switch from chewing it one side of my mouth to the other before swallowing.

Weight loss is a long and slow process predicated on many things. Being more conscious during your meals is a simple tip that can help you at your very next meal. Best of luck in your weight loss journey and thanks for reading.

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