Every so often when I post before and after pictures on social media I get a few reactions that cause me to pause. The first one is "That's not the same guy." A lot of times this is the result of the before picture being taken by my wife and the after being a selfie. People freak out about my tattoo being on the other arm like it's some type of voodoo. Clearly the concept of taking your picture in a mirror is akin to a conspiracy theory for these dimwits.

That issue was remedied in this week's photo without the trickery of a mirror image. Of course some people will still think it's photo shopped or has some special filter. Hey, if that's what makes them sleep better at night, so be it.

The other comment is, "What's your cycle bro?" I even got a "You must be eating trenbologne sandwiches" on the If It Fits Your Macros FB page. In all candor, I can't even get too mad at these comments. First, I'll take it as a compliment that people think I am drugged to the gills because of the condition I have gotten myself in. Second, I used to think the same thing about guys I thought were in great shape.

I thought it took the right combination of steroids, growth hormone, insulin, clen, thyroid, etc. to be big and lean. Of course that was a more convenient truth for me when I weighed 330 lbs and was stuffing myself with Ring Dings and pizza. Damn I miss Ring Dings and pizza! But I digress. If that's how I felt, then how can I get mad when other people think the same. All I can do is enlighten them on my reality.

The truth is, it's been really hard f'n work and not some perfect brew of drugs. Anyone who has followed my journey knows I have taken the last eight years to methodically strip over 110 lbs off. There's no secret to the method either. I train seven days a week, every week. I train with weights four days a week and condition at the minimum, the three other days and very often seven days. I don't take time off and even train on vacation.

With my nutrition, I track every calorie I eat. I regularly go 8 to 12 weeks between cheat meals. I don't fall off the wagon, ever! The process is painfully simple, it's called discipline.

This post is not out of hostility or anger. It's actually a blog post I wish I had read way back when I thought the answer to being in good shape came in a bunch of different bottles. Within reason, the body you want is attainable. You just have to ask yourself if you are willing to put in the work that it will require. I can tell you firsthand, it's not easy, but the payoff sure is worth it.