I often try to figure out why I have been successful in my weight loss and keeping it off where most people fail. There are a couple of obvious contributing factors like taking my time. As I tell everyone, you didn’t get fat overnight, so don’t expect to lose it all overnight. Also, from powerlifting, I know the value of hard work. Dieting is not going to be easy, no matter what anyone else is trying to tell you, or more deceptively, sell you.

As I approach nine years into this OBLF journey, I often forget what a progression my diet has been. I did not start eating as I do now. There were no kale salads or Greek yogurt and berry parfaits. I probably would have vomited up those foods if you gave them to me back then.

When I was working my way up to my glorious 328.5 lb self, my diet consisted of whatever I wanted. After I made sure to get my protein in, it was a calorie free for all. I was eating on average 7,000 calories daily.

Ah, the good old days. I would stop at McDonald’s every day on the way home from work for a pre-dinner snack. It was common practice to eat half gallons of ice cream at a time. Damn, I’m getting nostalgic. Of course, I cannot forget the post workout box of Ring Dings I was infamous for devouring.

Anyway, when I decided to lose weight I just started to clean things up a bit, and that is a relative concept. Instead of Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese and orders of large fries, I switched it up to Burger King plain burgers. I started cheating on good old Ronald McDonald because I figured the flame broiling was a healthier option. I mean talk about science.

I didn’t jump into eating the steamed broccoli that I honestly enjoy now. I didn’t really eat vegetables all that much, so I started with broccoli and cheese from the frozen foods section of the grocery store. Processed cheese and sodium can help most things taste better.

While discussing the topic this morning with Jessica, we remembered how I considered Hot Pockets a diet food. Hell, compared to what I was eating, they were. Do you get where I’m going with this?

As my diet progressed my tastes changed. Maybe I forced them to change a little, but it wasn’t a harsh switch. I can say this because I was there, asking a fatty to go from McDonald’s to grilled chicken and steamed veggies is a road map to failure. It’s like asking someone who benches 225 to load up the bar to 500 and give it a go. As hard as that person tries, they are most likely going to get crushed.

Don’t get crushed by your diet. Work your way up to it.