Operation Be Less Fat - The Key to Successful Snacking

I love food. I mean seriously, I LOVE food. You don't get up to nearly 330 lbs by accident.

You don't have to give up snacking when you are trying to lose fat. You don't even have to give up the foods you used to snack on. Although choosing healthier options such as Baked Lays Chips versus regular chips allows you to eat more.

The biggest difference between my snacking back in the day versus now is portion control. To be even more specific, I never snack out of an open container.

When I was a big Chungus (someone called my before picture that on IG and I can't get enough of that name) I just grabbed whatever I wanted to snack in the container it came in and went to the couch. Guess what usually happened? You nailed it, yeah, I ate it ALL! When I was BIG everything was single serving. Yep, family bag of chips - single serving. A box of 10 Ring Dings - single serving. Noticing a trend here.

Now, whatever snack I'm going to have gets measured out, put on a plate or in a bowl, and the container or box it came in is closed before snacking begins. This is where discipline and resolve come in to play. If you can't show some self control, you will never be successful dropping the lbs.

Here's a little snack I like to make for myself. Not a bag of chips and dip, but a great altnernative with very muscle retaining and fat loss friendly macros. Plus, it tastes awesome.

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