People start and do things for the Money

I heard many years ago that "People will get into a business or start a job for the money.  They will stay in it for the recognition".

Positive reinforcement has been proven by most behavior modification experts to be far better than hammering the wrong behavior with negative impact.

It saddened me today to find out that my son's Jr. High School, Hart Jr. High, in Pleasanton California did away with it's "Honor Roll".

Many student athletes know how hard they need to work both athletically and academically.  They put forth the same intensity to both their studies and practices.

But, when they give everyone a trophy for participating, what is the long term lesson?  Sure, we want to include those that gave it their best, but life doesn't recognize your best sub standard performances.

A college professor did an experiment once by giving everyone in the class a B+.   It didn't matter if the student worked their asses off and studied and got a legit A or the slacker who didn't do anything and was destined for a D grade.  Everyone got a B.

What happened?  The next time the test came around, the A student didn't work as hard and earned that B.  The B student worked less and went partying with the D student and both received a B.

The third time the students were tested, no one worked hard and while they grade should have been failing on all account, everyone received a B.

We are dumbing down society.  We are dumbing down outstanding performances.

Needless to say, my 4.0 student/athlete, son is not inspired to continue his hard work ethics for a substandard school which is known as the Pleasanton Unified School District.

We are doing a large dis-service to our youth.

Stop giving everyone a trophy!

Stop giving recognition for sub standard performances!!

Stop nursing and burbing youth for they will never get off the nipple and survive and excel.

Did you read that?  EXCEL!

Why?  Because there is no incentive!

Training hard to achieve recognition!  Whether it's a GRAND total on the platform, or raising a Cup over your head for a Championship effort.

It might be the physique that you are proud to display.

But for God's sake, don't take away the incentive to be an Ass Kicker!

I told my boy, to continue his efforts regardless.  While it IS important to let people know when you have won, legitimately, you do it for that inner pride and the beast within.

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