July 10-16 training

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A. 1 board (w/ Bench Blokz)
Downset 155x11 1/2 (yes, I totally missed my 12th rep and had to belly dump and roll it off me. haha!)
B. Wide grip bench
3x10 @ 135
C1. Chain extensions 4x12
C2. Banded row machine (see video below) 4x10
D1. DB Laterals 4x12
D2. Seated DB Cleans 4x12

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This row machine was something the gym picked up. It's a bit different, but pretty cool.  The angle is a little funky though.  The start of the movement feels normal, but then it actually feels like the tension disappears toward the top. So I added a Mini Band to it (attached to a dumbbell in front) and it provided some good resistance through the entire range of motion.  Try adding bands to certain machines for different angles and strength curves. 

The chain extensions are one of my favorites.  I love the tension it puts on the triceps with no elbow issues at all.  In fact, keep your arm angle open... meaning the angle at the armpit should be greater than 90*.  By doing that, it stretches the tricep more without the elbow stress. 

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A. SSB Speed squats 8x3 @ 195
B. Snatch grip stiff leg deads 4x10
C1. Goblet squats w/ pause 3x10
C2. Single arm low row 3x8 each
D. Manual "homemade" GHR 4x8
E. Seated band hip abduction 3x15

These GHR's are always a good variation when you don't have a GHR machine. They are tougher for sure (where knees are placed, no foot plate), but if you focus on the eccentric control you can get really good tension on the hammies.  Use just as much push off to pull yourself back up.

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A. Push press - 5x6 @ 110
B. DB Floor Press - 4x10
C1. Mag grip lat pulldown - 4x10, rest pause last
C2. Seated face pulls - 4x15, rest pause last
D. Eccentric dips - 4x8 with 4 count lowering
E1. Single arm laterals 4x10
E2. Single arm upright row 4x10

A. Squats, worked up to
3x4 @ 250
2x8 @ 225
B. SSB Goodmornings 4x8
C1. Bulgarian split squats 4x8 each @ 45's
C2. Chin-ups 4x6
D. Leg curls 4x10
E. Smith machine narrow squat w/ TKE 3x15

I added mini bands behind the knees to create a little more tension on the quads.  it wasn't perfect and I still need to play around with the movement and band tension a little more, but it added a nice variety.

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Did some conditioning early this day
6 rounds:

Rounds 1, 3, 5
Prowler push down and back
40 alternating band piston shoulder presses
20 band upright rows
20 band laterals

Rounds 2, 4, 6
Prowler push down and back
50 slingshot pushups