Powerbuilding: Week 4

Back on track this week -- nothing wild, but some solid work on all three lifts and some good supporting hypertrophy training. I’m still struggling with grip on deadlifts, so I’ve decide to take some advice from Pete Rubish and just train tugging with straps, and add in some serious direct grip work to bring mine up to par. That’ll start next week!

Tuesday: Squat & Quads
Hit some great squats in sleeves today. I’ll be doing my next couple of meets in wraps, but I think it’s important to train without them at least some of the time. I’ve been focusing on using my glutes and hamstrings more in the hole, and the volume training I’ve been doing for them is helping a lot in that regard!

Squat with sleeves
555x3x5 (last set beltless)

Hack squat
Leg press

Thursday: Chest
Having some shoulder pain that was preventing me from benching well, so I just pushed that back a day and crushed pecs while trying to avoid pushing movements that put much strain on my shoulders.

Machine flye
Hammer strength flat press
Dumbbell pullover

Friday: Bench, Squat, Shoulders & Triceps
Made up for the bench today, plus threw in some Yoke Bar squats. Obviously my chest was pretty sore, so bench was a bit harder than I’d have liked, but it was a planned lighter day anyways.

Bench Press

Yoke Bar Squat
620x1 (PR)
515x5 (beltless)

Machine lateral raise
Barbell front raise
Bent-over dumbbell lateral raise
One-arm Tate Press
Overhead pulley extension

Sunday: Deadlift, Back & Hamstrings
Had a killer day today with some friends from out of town and a big photoshoot at Big Tex Gym in Austin! I’ll post up much more about it later so for now, here’re the numbers and a kick-ass video by Josh Wiseman. If you’re in Austin and need a photographer, hit him up!

Sumo Deadlift
675x6 (beltless)

Conventional Deadlift

Seated row
Lat pulldown
Seated hamstring curl

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