Powerlifting and Hockey

Powerlifting and Hockey

The conditioning:

Hockey is an explosive game that last upwards of an hour, more or less, with shifts lasting 20 second and rest intervals of 40 if you have three lines on the team.  So not only is it an enduring game but one that taxes the anaerobic system as well.

While it is important to maintain a good aerobic base, as the season approaches I like to add HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training to the program to simulate the work loads that are necessary for those twenty second shifts.

To do this, I will have the team (individual hockey players that train together in my gym) pull sleds, ride bikes, row, or LSD run for 20 to 30 minutes almost daily.  Since the intensity is low, the frequency can be quite high and the duration maintains a moderate level because we still have weights five days a week, early in the off season.

As progress along the off season time line, I will start adding the "sprint" type or HIIT training.

At first 10 sets of 10 second all out efforts followed by 50 second recovery is sufficient to accelerate the heart to the training zone necessary to build up the VO2 or Maximum Oxygen Uptakes

Once we get closer to our "taper" before pre season or tryouts we will switch to the HIIT training 2-3 times per week, backing off the LSD, or using it to recover from the Higher Intensity stuff.  However, we will switch the work/recovery intervals to resemble closer to a "shift" so now instead of the 10 second work we will increase it to 20 seconds and then allow the time on the bench or the time it takes the other two lines to work, or...the 40 seconds for rest.

Our sets of work will increase as well from the previous 10 sets to 15 and then 20 right before the taper.

It is imperative for each athlete to give a constant feedback as to how THEY are feeling.  Hockey players are competitive as heck.  No one wants to look weak or falling behind.  GOOD!  But I need to know as their coach how they are doing so they can peak just before the season opens.

I like to know how they slept, what their resting heart rate is in the morning and an hour post workout.  I also like to know things about their appetite and moods as well.

Looking at each player post workout...If they have sweat in their salad and the lettuce is matted, I know we are where we need to be.


Today's Training:

AirDyne: 21 mins.

Single Arm DB OHP: 4x25

DB LR: 4x25

Upright Row: 4x15

Shrug: 3x15

Push Ups: 15

Crunch: 125

Side Bend Ab: 3x12

AirDyne again: 15x20/40

Bike Commute: 18 mins

Sprint: 6x100 yards

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