Prehab Is Brushing Your Teeth For Your Body

If you have been reading my log all along, you know my body is pretty f'd up. If you don't read my log, shame on you. Go back and read a bunch of entries and you'll get it.

I don't complain about my pain, but I talk about it. It's a cautionary tale to take care of yourself while simultaneously beating yourself up. However, even with the best of care, over the long term, heavy lifting is usually a zero-sum game where injuries are concerned.

Presently I am in a pretty damn good place with my body. I'm about as pain-free as I can remember being in decades. This is a direct result of a lot of work. That said, the work will NEVER be done.

My physical therapist likened my new situation to brushing my teeth. It's not like you really like brushing your teeth, but you have to so your teeth don't rot, so you do it. That's where my body is. I need to give it its daily prehab or it's going to rot.

It's ironic because I never skip brushing my teeth and it's not even like they hurt to remind me. I just do it. Conversely, my body will hurt if I don't do my daily prehab, but I still think I can get away with it sometimes. Hence why I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I'm trying.

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