Prowler v. Covid 19

Today I scheduled a rather taxing conditioning day.

I had my teams super set five 40 yard Prowler sprints using fifty pounds with five sets of Overhead presses.  Then we did five MORE 40 yarders superseding with five sets of Dumbell Lateral Raises of high reps.

Needless to say there were quite a few "green" faces and a couple new members of the Prowler "Hurl of Fame".

For those that know me on a more personal level, you know I am never at a loss for words of encouragement during those particular times of strife.  When I mentioned that I've killed more people with the "Prowler flu" than has been killed with the Corona 19 virus, a few of my longer term folks had quite the chuckle at the expense of the new hurl of fame members.

Today's Training :

AirDyne: 22 minutes

Bike Commute: 20 minutes

Prowler super set with OHP: 5x40 yds/5x10

Prowler super set with DB LR: 5x 40 yds/5x15

Shrugs: 5x15

BB Curl: 5x12

DB Hammer Curl: 5x12

Crunch: 125

Push Ups: 18

Bike Commute: 16 minutes (yep, there were some cyclist up ahead of me that didn't know they were in the Tour de France with me.)

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