Quality Over Quantity In Everything

More, more, more, is often thought of as the answer to getting better in lifting. More weights, more exercises, more volume, more rehab, more food, more recovery, more conditioning, etc. We all want more.

The problem is, more is sometimes detrimental. Also, more sometimes isn't possible. Take sleep for example. More sleep is usually better. However, not everyone has time for more sleep. This is where quality over quantity takes over.

Maximize your sleep hygiene by getting off your devices early. Have a routine,  Keep the room nice and cool. You get it, but do you do it?

Of course, with training, we all want to do more. We want to shoehorn in more exercises. We want to add more sets and volume. However with training it's not always about what you can do, it's what you can recover from.

If you want to maximize your training focus more on performing your reps with monk-like perfection. When you get the most out of each exercise and each rep, you don't need a lot of extra junk.

Where I have really had to focus on this is with rehab. I have to do work on my shoulders and lower back multiple times a day. When time is limited I caught myself trying to squeeze every movement in with little efficacy.

Now, instead of trying to get all of my exercises in a couple of times a day, I may only get to each one once a day. However, the quality is better and I am feeling better.

We all want to do more, but more important--is balance. Choose what you do wisely, and do it well in all things.

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