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Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: (Log number XLVIII). “RACKABLE CAMBERED BAR SQUATS”
This Coaching Log features MONSTERETTE, JuJu.

The purpose of this training log is to take a look at box squatting off of a 15” box, with the rackable cambered bar (with double EliteFTS mini bands) out of the EliteFTS monolift.

The rackable cambered bar is a pretty unique piece of powerlifting equipment as it does a number of things for the lifter. For starters, if the powerlifter’s shoulders are metal on metal from benching and squatting, the rackable cambered bar really takes a tremendous load off of the shoulders, thus allowing for the lifter to still squat but without causing more damage to their already overused shoulders. This is because the R.C. bar is held either in the middle area of the bar or the lower area of the bar. So although it sits on the shoulders, there is far less shoulder engagement of the shoulder with this bar. In this coaching log you will note that JuJu is holding the bar in the middle area.

In addition to the bar causing minimal shoulder stress, it really works to emphasis an entirely different part of the body when squatting. With the traditional squat bar, the lifter can tighten their upper back by pulling their shoulder blades in tight and driving their elbows down and tighten them with the lats. We call this, making the “W” as the shape the arms make is like that of the letter “W.”

Without that upper back tightness, the emphasis now is on the lower back and hip area to keep the powerlifter tight in addition to using ancillary muscle groups to try and accommodate for the lack of upper back tightness.

For these reasons, the R.C. bar is challenging as well as helpful when trying to add variation to one’s training program for the squat. You will note that JuJu’s bands, in addition to adding about 140LBS of tension at the top of the movement also add a sway, back and forth, of the weights as she sits on the box. This adds to the challenge of the lift.

If your gym has a rackable cambered bar, by all means, try this bar as it will add a dynamic to your squat training that is simple not possible with the standard squat bar. This bar can be used for training like you see in this coaching log as well as max effort training and volume training.

JuJu’s workout log for the day looks like this:
5 sets of doubles, increasing in weight with each double, then two singles, increasing in weight. JuJu’s program is based off of Donnie Thompson’s squat program.
Double EliteFTS green bands with the rackable cambered bar, off of a 15” (just at parallel for JuJu) out of the EliteFTS deluxe monolift.


Finishing up with four super-sets with belt squats, the EliteFTS mondo-monster leg press (first close then a wider stance), then leg extensions. After those four sets the finisher is weighted planks (not shown in the video).

*The footage in this video (filmed in HD, let load to 720 or 1080 for HD quality).

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