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THIS WEEK’S Monster Garage Gym/Maroscher Coaching Log: RELENTLESS TRAINING, PART II 

Does it take courage to have 900LBS over your throat and bench it??? Although that answer is a resounding YES, the men pressing 900LBS in this log know without question that the children they are preparing to compete for are far more courageous, as on a daily basis they face the fears that come with their life-threatening illnesses… is what we mean…..

This week we are sharing PART II with you of some truly inspired shirted bench training featuring some of the best benchers/powerlifters in the Illinois/Wisconsin area training together for a singular purpose. These benchers/powerlifters are training in preparation for RELENTLESS, a charity meet which is a part of Hopekids, whose mission is to “...restore hope and transform the lives of children with life-threatening medical conditions, their families and the communities in which we serve.”


As we mentioned in PART I, in short, how this works is the lifters have qualified/been chosen to compete in this power-event and during the process of their training for this meet, they are collecting donations for the charity. In most cases, the lifters have been matched up with a child who is facing a life threatening, most often, incurable medical conditions. As the lifters will tell you, in all cases, the children are far strong(er) than any of the lifters. For example, one of our featured lifters in this Coaching Log video, (WPC World Powerlifting Champion, 1,000LB squatter, 800LB bencher), Steve Brock will be lifting for “Team Charlotte.” In Steve’s words, “I have the honor of lifting for Charlotte a beautiful 5 year old girl.” Steve will tell you that her inner strength at 5 years, as well as the inner strength of the other children being served by this charity/meet are strong(er) than any bencher, squatter or deadlifter that will be competing. These children are looking at the ultimate challenge and do so with grace, poise and while maintaining their hope and dignity. If only we all could carry ourselves like that, our world would be a much more amazing and beautiful place.

As the owner of Monster Garage Gym and as a powerlifter who has spent, coming up on three decades, in a competitive atmosphere, I have enjoyed training for meets and watching others train for meets. Watching the Relentless lifters (we have several at the M.G.G. not all are featured in this particular log) train for this charity is both a joy and a source of pride. I say that because unfortunately, there is not a day, not one single solitary day that goes by when we as a collective society don’t hear in person, or read online, some able-bodied people, with not one thing wrong with either themselves or their family, finding some, trite, vapid or insignificant thing to complain or illuminate with their negative energy. I often find myself thinking, “What a great life these folks must have when they have the ability to find, then waste, their time, when others cling to every moment they have."  That said, the side purpose of this Coaching Log is to provide some inspirational training, but to also to point out the obvious, and that is that when life is good, it is often easy to forget what the target is and to find the negative.  Stay positive, be thankful.

This is the last heavy training session for these athletes as the meet grows closer and closer. As much as they want to hit the biggest weights they can in the meet, more pressing is making these children, who they are lifting for, and who will be in attendance at this charity meet, happy, full of joy and feeling fearless if even for just one day.  *This coaching log gives you a glimpse into the day's training from some warm-ups, board warm-ups all the way up to 925LBS. For brevity sake, not all sets are included.  

As each of the M.G.G.'s coaching log's have a purpose, the main purpose of this log is to present you with an opportunity for you to become a part of something bigger than yourself and consider investing a little money (if you have the means) toward one of these amazing children. In this case, the child is Charlotte, from Team Charlotte who Monster Garage Gym’s very own WPC World Powerlifting Champion, Steve Brock is competing for. Team Charolette27b67342-d15d-4439-a7a2-38a52e2d39bbIf you feel so inclined, here is the link to donate to Team Charlotte.

Wishing you the best in your training and competitions. Ever Onward, Eric Maroscher, Owner: MONSTER GARAGE GYM

Equipment featured in this week’s coaching log:
EliteFTS Deluxe Bench Press
EliteFTS Sabertooth Bench Bar
EliteFTS Proloc Collars


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Featured lifters in this coaching log: Steve Brock, Tom Waldrep, Barzeen Vaziri, Matt Houser and Matt Nyman.  Video music by the M.G.G.'s favorite band, Rage Against The Machine

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