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This week Akash and Adam interview Dave Tate aka ‘Under The Bar’. He is the founder and CEO of Inc. Dave has been involved with powerlifting for over three decades. He has logged more than 20,000 hours of strength consulting with professional, elite and novice athletes, as well as with professional strength coaches, authored 20 books and written more than 500 articles for magazines and prominent websites. Dave works as a business adviser, speaker, coach, and author, he shows how athletic disciplines teach valuable lessons for overall achievement.

In this episode, Akash and Adam find out some insights on Dave i.e. why he started training and what he does now that he is retired! Dave also shares valuable business advice for trainers and online business owners. Plus, Dave gives us his view on what it takes a person for a person to go from good to great. Listen in to hear his thought provoking answers.

“The stronger person always wins.”

– Dave Tate