I've saved this one for last.  "Live, Learn, and Pass On".  After 99 posts  the Company's slogan seemed like a fitting way to conclude it.

I've had fun putting the "Selkow Rules" in an order.  Many of you responded favorably and  added your own twists in the comment sections of the Social Media that we are associated with.

I've had a few that were NOT things that some enjoyed and be sure they let me know of those as well.  But HEY!  These are MY rules.  I didn't tell you to follow them.  They work for me.

Live!  Yes folks there is more to life than what you have limited yourselves to.  There is life outside of sports, outside the gym, outside your schools, jobs and social circles.  There is LIFE to be had, and all you need to do is explore it.  LIVE!  You have one shot.  LIVE by taking calculated risks.  LIVE life so thoroughly that you can't wait to jump out of bed in the morning and GET TO IT!  LIVE so your heart rate gets elevated and not just because you are conditioning.


LEARN...from those experiences.  Oh yes, you will live life through experience, either your own or someone else's.  Failure isn't forever.  Failure is a great learning experience.  The goal is learn from everything and everywhere.

LEARN...there are always three sides to every story.  Their's, your's and the truth!  Always seek the truth.

LEARN from people that DON'T share your same ideas, ideals, likes and dislikes.  Hell, if all I ever did was to hang out with people that always were in agreement with myself, I'd never have to leave my bathroom mirror.

PASS it ON!  To hoard everything for yourself is NOT that satisfying. But sharing IS!  I'm not saying give away everything to everybody, but occasionally giving your all to someone or something can be LIFE changing for not only the recipient but YOU the donor.

Pass it on to those that want, but don't see the HOW!  Help them open up to new ways...YOUR WAYS!

Live...Learn...Pass ON!

I do have other "rules" and I will entertain continuing if I get enough feedback requesting so.

If not, then I have my list of 100 Selkow Rules and they will always be here. I will refer back in my future writings.   Know this...I had fun doing them for you!  Thank you for indulging me.

Today's Training:

Box Squat:

Men: 5x10@ 10 pounds more than last week

Women: 5x10@5 pounds more than last week


Rear Stepping Lunge: 3x10@65


Ab Wheel: 3x10

Calf Raise: 3x10

Front Plank: 3x 1 minute


Dead Lift:

Work up to a heavy THREE reps.  Here's the twist...It's going to feel horrible placed at the END of the training session.

315 feels like 405.  405 FEELS like 495!

DON'T try for an indoor world record.

Just pick up the bar three times and make it heavy!