Years ago, I was a snot nose 17 year old "Nautilus Trainer".  The owner of the gym asked if I would like to have a "job".   I worked out at the gym, but I had no clue what being a trainer would entail.

When I told him that I had concerns about fucking things up, he said to me (and this was the BEST business advice I had ever received) "You work out hard and you need to only teach people THAT for now.  What I want you to do is say Hello and Goodbye to EVERYONE.  Do it by name if you can, and if you don't remember their name, give them a really cool nickname".

I make it a point to do that even to this day!  If I don't say "hello and goodbye" to each and every person no matter WHO is their coach or program designer, then I feel as if I didn't do MY JOB.


Saying hello and goodbye doesn't take a lot of effort but see what it does to your relationships!


Yesterday was 103 degrees in my area.  My gym has no air conditioning and I ride my bike to and fro daily.

When I got home by late morning I was dehydrated AND had heat exhaustion.  Needless to say, I was quite a mess that had my wife concerned for my well being through out the night.

I reduced the loads today (and for the next couple) as there is no relief from the high temps for a few days.

Here's what took place this morning:

Glute Activation: 4x25

Squat: 10x5@55%

GHR: 5x10