Being a more mature Coach (my way of saying old) I've learned to accept only those people in my gym that I LIKE!  Therefore, when a person steps into my world they need to qualify to be there.  They need to tryout for MY TEAM!

Once there, they are ALWAYS there until THEY decide to uproot, move or quit.  Until such time I make sure they know how much they mean to me and how I appreciate their contributions to the team.

I know I can make ANYONE stronger and faster, more fit and in better shape.  However, what does THAT PERSON bring to the table?  The diversity of my crowd is large so as long as their is an exchange then they play!  When they play well, they get noticed and announced.

I've had athletes from decades long gone call me or write me for advice.  When I gave them my opinion a number of them have asked, "Coach, when do we stop being one of your boys (or girls)? " To which I answer...NEVER!


108 degrees today.  Here's the plan:

Get in, get it done, and get the fuck out!

Dynamic Bench: 10x3@50%

Barbell Overhead Press: 10x5 @ the weight we are currently working at.

The brevity should be matched by the intensity.  When asked what I wanted them to do next, because the workout was short, I replied...Go Home! Drink some cool water!  Take a nap!  It's not my job to baby sit!