Since I got a rise out of quite a few small armed (and most likely needle dicked as well) from my Rule 15 about going sleeveless in my gym then THIS pet peeve of mine ought to get a few feathers ruffled as well.

You have to remember this is IN my gym.  Since many of you that are taking the time to read this don't train with me, there is no sense in name calling or calling me "ugly".  I probably will never meet you and I really don't care what you offer since I rarely read comment responses to anything I write unless it is pointed out to me. But, I digress...two other things that I dislike in my program are people wearing their hats backwards.  The brim is in front of the hat to shade your eyes.  Get THAT?  Shade your eyes.  That means unless the bright lights of the gym get to you...remove your cover!

If it is the case that you need your eyes shaded IN the gym, then don't turn it backwards.  Your IQ drops 15% immediately when you do.  Even though you have genius level IQs prior to this statement, that 15% is non transferable and exponentially lowers upon further application of the retro wearing culprit.  It's scientifically proven!!!

If it's because you are having a bad hair day...FIX your hair!  If it's because you have NO hair...So?

Lastly, take your hands out of your pocket when I am speaking to  you.  I have this notion that you might like me and are playing with yourself as opposed to you not knowing what to do with your empty hands.  I don't care that you are uncomfortable with nothing to do with your hands.  Jamming them in your pocket and playing with your own goods is poor form when conversing with me, the fuck are you going to protect your neck in the event I launch one of my famed "Throat Punches"?  HUH???

Get comfortable with yourself with your hands out of your pockets.  Take your covers off when indoors, and never wear them backwards without me thinking you are actually stupider than you let on.

Let me remind you...if you aren't in my gym, then there is nothing for you to worry about.  Go about your day playing pocket pool and looking stupid.  That's on YOU!

Today's training:

Chest Supported Row:

Work up to a hard 8 reps slowly and small jumps in weight.

Then do 6 more sets of 5 reps at the heaviest weight.

Super set all these sets with 10 reps of bench width grip push ups


DB Curls: 5x15

Hammer Curl: 5x15