Every day we try to change.  Change into what we think society wants us to be.  We THINK we are changing into better Us's, but the fact is we are changing into what we consider to be better as a social mate to everyone.

I've said it before and deserves repeating...God doesn't make junk!

We retard the inner voices that we know to be correct and mold ourselves into socially acceptable clones of each other.

We begin to FEAR having a different opinion about almost any subject that will contribute to our own successful path of what is actually good and right for US as individuals.  THIS is what adds to our stress and anxieties.

Instead of listening to EVERYONE and conforming to their sense of what is "right", we need to begin to follow that inner voice that has your best interest in mind.

Pay attention and begin the process of "critical thinking" for yourself.


Formulate ideas based on the values that  have been given to you by people in positions that you'd like to be.

The easiest way to cross a mine field without getting blown up is to follow in the footsteps of those who have already successfully made it!

THOSE are the opinions you can listen to.  HOWEVER, get the ideas of many success stories and formulate YOURS that way.


Today's Training:

Dynamic Squat:   I tried a new hand position today and it was GLORIOUS.  I moved the mono lift hooks in a bit, and took an extremely wide grip.  I surprised myself how good my shoulders felt.

However, in doing so, I needed to wear the bar a little bit higher on my traps.  My traps aren't little by any standard, so this meant at the point of transfer from deceleration to acceleration, the bar threw me on the first couple sets of warm ups.

We do the warm ups with the understanding to get the most value out of these as well as the actual working sets.  Needless to say, it was a learning experience for all involved.

2x2@275 Mastodon Bar

2x2x275 Mastodon Bar+ 2 Chain Clusters per side

6x2x275 Mastodon Bar+ 3 Chain Clusters per side


Dead Lift off 3 inches of pads: 15x1@ 50%ish