Having manners never gets old.  Saying "Thank You" is a simple way of exhibiting your attitude towards gratitude.

I was in a retail sporting good store yesterday with my wife to help her purchase some sports undergarments and comfortable shorts to hack around the house in.  There were three generations of fellas checking golf clubs out at the register.  The "oldest" which I would assume to be the Pop, and Granddad of these other two was bank rolling the purchase of what seemed to be NOT CHEAP!  Neither of the two subordinates "thanked" him when the transaction was over. I was appalled.  I interjected (as I often do) with a look into the elders eyes and said...Wow, those look like awfully nice gifts.  You're a good man for that purchase.  I thought THAT would get them to say Thank You, but no!

I hold doors open for people that seem to be in need or just plain in a hurry, allowing them access to whatever in front of me.  When I don't get a thank you, I let them know that they are surely welcome though.  (Most folks that know me, know that I have that coaching outdoor voice that can be heard over a large cattle stampede)

WhenEVER I get a compliment, I respond immediately (even if the person is pulling my chain) with a Thanks, that was nice of you to say...

It's not hard once you start the habit.  Be genuine with your thank you and see if it doesn't get fair turnabout.


Training Today:

Dynamic Bench: 8x3@50%

4 board press:

1x3@ the dynamic bench weight

1x3@ the DB wt + 30 pounds

1x3@ DB wt +65 pounds


DB Bench:





DB Row:





Cable Tricep ext:



Sprints: 10x50 yards.