The moment I say to a person that I'm training..."Don't do (insert whatever move) "  They do EXACTLY what I told them NOT to do.  So I changed it.  I only tell them what I want them to execute.

When I get something other than what I asked, I point my finger at them and laugh out loud!  (kidding)  I actually tell them...NOT BAD BUT...try it this way.

Remember, some people are auditory, others are visual and some are tactile.  You have to meet the student where they learn from.


Today's Training: (Happy 4th of July)

The Original Britexit...241 years ago the British gave up a 13 colony lead.  We've had this celebration ever since.


Low Box Squat w/ Mastodon Bar Narrow Stance:

5 rep max

Beat Last weeks max

GHR: 40 reps in as few sets as possible.  Most of us did it in one set

DB Lunge:





45 degree Back Extension: 4x12@10 pound plate behind the head


Foot anchored Sit ups:


1x10@ 5 lb plate behind head

1x10@10 lb plate behind head