Everything constantly changes.  There is NO stopping that!  However, we resist change and will do almost anything to stop it even at the cost of making ourselves MISERABLE.

Guess what?  Fuck it!  Your condition level is changing.  Your strength is changing.  Your relationships change.  Even your emotions and thinking are constantly evolving.

No matter how tightly you hold on to resisting the change, it will happen.  When you finally lose what you have been holding onto so strongly, you will be overcome by fear and THAT is what makes the misery in people.

Adjust, adapt, overcome!


Today was a Pop Your Heart kind of day:



4x40 yards@90 pounds

4x40 yards @140 pounds



4x40 yards @50 pounds

4x40 yards @90 pounds


Power Skip: 6x10 yards 30 second rest

Sprint I:  6x10 yards w/ 60 second rest

Sprint II: 6x40 yards w/ 90 second rest

Rowing Ergometer: 12 minutes