If you are on the Internet or TV all day, you aren't getting shit done.  You're getting fat and lazy.

You aren't getting informed, you are getting everyone else's interpretations.

One fella said he would rather pay $200 for the summary of a book rather than read the $20.00 book.  Well fine for him but I'd rather draw my own conclusions.  I then proceeded to rid myself of his presence figuring he's too stupid to hang out with, and now out of money and I'll have to always buy lunch.

I think that a life full of experiences is far more fun than one that is passive behind a keyboard or T.V. screen.


Today's Training:

2 Board 5 rep Bench Press:

Beat last week's number.  Failure to, results in no one will even LOOK at you for the rest of the workout.  Might as well contract a wasting disease.

Pull ups:

6 sets of one half your max reps for one set.

Since I tested with 22 reps last week, I needed to do six sets of 11 reps.

Dumbell Front Raise/Side Raise/Rear Delt Raise:

3x20 @ 10 lbs


Tricep Extension/DB Bicep Curl: 4x10