Everyone has some sort of mystery, adventure, comedy and drama in their life.  That's why we have those genres in T.V. and movies.  However, NO ONE really wants to hear every detail of the drama that goes on in YOUR life.

I will empathize with the highlights, but I'll be damn if I sympathize.

You don't want the crap that is going on in anyone else's life, so why do you believe we want to have the crap that is going on in your's?

On the other hand, the adventures and comedy that makes up the other parts of living, yea...those are fun to hear about in detail!


Today's training:

Bike (entire family) 20 minutes of speed play or fartlek riding to the gym.


4x40 yds @ 90 pounds

4x40 yards @ 140 pounds

Bike home: 20 minutes of fartlek riding again

1.5 mile walk (dog had to get out before the heat today)

Power Skips: 6x10 yards w/ 30 second rest

Sprint I: 6x10 yards w/ 60 second rest

Sprint II: 6x40 yards w/ 90 second rest

Sprint III: 4x100 yards w/ 120 second rest