One of my close friends, Charlie Bounty and I would hang out and discuss life over a (DOZEN) libations or so, when he asked me about feeling guilty over anything or worrying.  As I stated yesterday in Rule 50 "as long as it doesn't kill you and EAT YOU, you'll be fine" I added that the two emotions were useless as well.

IF you are going to feel "guilty" over something then don't do it.

If you are going to worry over another issue, then does it help?  No.  The outcome will be the outcome.  Fretting about it doesn't change that outcome.  PLUS +++  You aren't eat'n.


Guilt and Worry are two USELESS emotions.


Today's Training:

2 Board 5 Rep Max:  BEAT last week

Pull Ups: 7 sets of one half the amount of max reps that can be done in one set.  (this number should have been established two weeks ago)

3 way Shoulders:

Front raise, side raise, rear delt raise: 3x20 reps each

DB Supine Tricep Extensions: 5x10

Barbell Curl: 5x10

Shrugs: 4x10@405