I think all rules need to be singled out and counted individually, but this is one of those "package" deals that needs to be addressed BOTH individually and in its combination

There are THREE things that no one should EVER fuck with.  They are:

1. A man's family

2. A man's livelihood

3. A man's food


1. A man's family:

I know for me that I am very lenient when it comes to joking around with me personally.  I don't take offense to many things.  However, you fuck with my wife or kid and I will show you a new level of sadistic behavior that will make waterboarding look like you were washing your face.

My family is HANDS OFF, and that's the respect I give to others as well.  If there is an "Open" or "Difficult" status on a relationships YOU STILL don't breach the trust level unless ALL parties are ok with the actions, and even THEN, this is very thin ice.

When it comes to off spring of other people, you treat them as IF THEY WERE YOUR OWN!!!  No ands, ifs or buts.

2. A man's livelihood:

This is directly related to a man's family but with a twist.  My line of work is Coaching.  When I draw people to my program, it's usually because our personalities mesh well.  At this stage I don't take EVERYONE, but I do take the ones I like.  Here's the kick in the pants, if YOU come in and take a person yourself instead of introducing them to me, as "your own", then not only did you steal a potential client, but you USED me, my space and my experience.

I take NO issue with an up and coming coach that asks for help INDIRECTLY, but when there  is blatant plagiarism , I feel violated and ripped off.

When the dollar amount is NOT what it's suppose to be at the end of the month and I go back to the record keeping pages and find that you have been delinquent in compensating the coach, then I feel as if there doesn't need to be a continuation of that coaching.

On the OTHER HAND (and I have done this more than often) if there is a financial issue, I have differed payment until said feet were back underneath and firmly planted on terra firma.

I am NOT about the money, but I am about the trust and relationship.



3. A man's food:

Don't take it out of the community refrigerator.  Don't stare at me when I eat.  Don't do a damn thing to my food!  I know how I like it and I don't want you messing with it.  Hell, I made my mom go back to the store when I was a kid and replace the Jiff peanut butter with the desired SKIPPY.  Never understood why in that moment my own mother didn't love me anymore.


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