I'm not sure why everyone feels it is necessary to comment on everything in everyone else lives.  From the internet and Social Media to judging mankind and every now and again being audible enough to be heard.

Example:  My son can skate!  I mean he can SKATE better than most people walk.  He's been on the ice since he could stand up and we get around town on "In-line" skates.  We were on our way home from the gym the other day and it's a four mile route.  Hunter has NEVER worn a helmet.  I don't wear a helmet.  Only time I wore one was when I competed and HAD to.  Hunter's head has always been a concern of mine and I surely have an invested interest in him keeping his noodle BUT, he HATES wearing a helmet.

He's skilled enough that he simply doesn't eat pavement.  He literally can skate through tough situations.

As we were passing two cyclist who were decked out in their "uniforms" all lycra from neck to toe, gloves and HELMET, the women felt it was her position in life to tell me that my son needs a helmet on his head.  Duh...no shit lady.  So instead I told her that she needed to lose 20 pounds, and to mind your own business.

C'mon!  Really?  You are going to tell me the RULES?  I make them up!

I don't read comments from the stuff I write.  I don't mean to sound arrogant, but if you DON'T like what I write, don't read it.  If you like it?  I like YOU back.  However not EVERYTHING needs your editorial.

There are an abundance of FAKE coaches that are looking for their Andy Warhol's 15 minutes of fame.  They have the audacity to comment on every statement made by some rather well established coaches methods and methodologies.  Being controversial or having an on the spot difference of opinion doesn't make you a "World Famous Better than Thou" Coach.  It makes you a nuisance that should research and write your OWN ideas.

Jumping in on someone else's discussion is NOT my place.  I have my own ideas and I will tell you about them, IF you ask for my opinion.  Otherwise, I tend to MIND MY OWN DAMN BUSINESS.

Today's Training:

The Girl's Soccer Showcase is going on this weekend on the fields that I use for conditioning.

We got out on the early morning grass (freezing cold and wet) for a few sprints, until my bare feet felt numb.  Then I took the dog for a  walk until my feel my "dawgs" .