I find a lot of disagreements can be averted if people stop asking the questions that they really don't want the answers to.

The other evening, I am preparing dinner for my family.  Yup, I do the cooking because I am an AWESOME cook. Really!  My wife, April, comes in and asks me if my son can stay at his friends house and have pizza?  I say, No.  I'm cooking and have calculated him in to the dinner plan.  I then get a defensive dissertation about "why he should stay."

My blood pressure started to rise, I turned to my lovely hot bride and looking at her in her beautiful baby browns, asked her, IF you already had it OK'd in your mind, why didn't you just tell me that Hunter was staying at his friends for pizza and the dinner will be just the two of us?  THAT way, you never asked for my opinion and I would not be upset that we NOW have to debate over whether he should go or stay.  I'm that simple!  If I don't know, I don't care.

If you ask the question about how you can lose fat without changing diet, behavior, or exercise and then proceed to debate me on my answer, then do yourself a favor and hold off asking.  You don't want the truth if you are looking for your slob like validation.

If the truth is something you are seeking then self preparation of the answer should have taken place and the answer need not be debated.

Don't ask the question that you really don't want the answer to.


Today's Training:

Dynamic Bench: 8x3@60%


Top 4" Pin Press: 3x3@ 225, 335,410


DB Incline Chest Press:






C/S Row:



Tricep Extension: