I would say that Rules 1,2,3 and this one are possibly the MOST important life lessons I teach in my own home and in my own gym.

Rule #67 comes with great anticipation.  If anyone is called out on it, they know and should be embarrassed because this one is VITAL.

Rule #67 simply stated means NO COMPLAINING!

I have said that I will empathize with people, but simply won't sympathize.  We ALL have issues.  Nothing is perfect in anyone's life.

The moment I even hear "I'm not complaining (here it comes folks) BUT...."  means you are about to whine like a lil' bitch!

No one really cares about:

How much sleep you didn't get

How sore your legs are from the workout two days before

How angry you are over current politics

Your take on weather

Your girlfriend

Your boyfriend

Your kids

Your in laws

Your job

Your lack of weight loss

Your lack of strength gain

Your PR

Your gym lifts

Your platform lifts for that matter

Your lack of money

Your lack of time off

Your transportation

Your gender

Your religion

Your ethnicity

Your nutritional plan

Your diseases

Your sex life (well...maybe)

Your take on social media

Your likes

Your dislikes

NO ONE FUNKING CARES!   YOU do.  I certainly don't and when you start the bitch session, I will say nothing, walk to my White Board and just right "67" on it and EVERYONE in the gym will ask, "Who broke rule 67, Coach?"  When I announce who the culprit was, the walk of shame comes directly into play.

Try this...Go for 24 hours without a single complaint!  Know if you do, I write "67" on your front door as a reminder that you bitched.  Be aware of how many conversations revolve around someone dumping their complaints on YOU and count how many "67" you hand out.



Today's Training

Floor Press: 3 rep max  BEAT last week

Pull ups: 6 sets of 1/2 your max reps for one set

Front Raise: 4x10

Shrugs: 4x10

Tricep Extension: 4x10

Bicep Curl: 4x10