A friend came to visit me for a few days.  The conversation was interesting when the subject came up about me being intimidating.  Huh?  ME?  Not once you get to know me.  But then again, I might snap and leave you speechless.

Most people think they are pushing the limits of their existence.  Truth is, NO YOU'RE NOT!

My pal Charlie Bounty had a phrase that stuck with me from the first time I heard him utter these profound words, "Don't live your life of meaningless mediocrity, the LOSE WA ZEE's don't know what it's like to Win or Lose, they exist in the dull gray area between Greatness and Failure."

He has it right, even if you FAIL...Fail greatly.  Know the ENDS of the spectrum.

Push the limit!  Do shit that scares you a bit.  Walk to the edge of the cliff and take a look over it.  Move closer to where your heart beats faster.

Add the extra plate not knowing if it will in fact CRUSH the shit out of you.

Ask that person out or to even Marry you that you didn't think yourself worthy.

Get a job that creates experiences instead of JUST income.

Go somewhere you haven't been.

Take a Krav Maga course and stop being afraid to go down dark streets.

Shoot a high caliber weapon.


Live life through it's INTENSITIES!  Get your heart rate up and LIVE!


Today's training:

Dynamic Box Squat: 10x2@60%

Dead Lift: 10x1@60%

Reverse Hyper: 4x10

Suspended Knees to Elbows

Side Medicine Ball Throw w/ partner: 3x10@10 lbs.

Med Ball Throwing Situps: The magic comes from the ab contraction and NOT the shoulders.  2 sets of 20 reps each with a 10 lbs med ball