Look, here's the thing, if you want to be treated as a professional by others, ACT like a pro.  If you want to be perceived as a Goofball,  ACT like a Goofball.

I walk into a place with my bare feet and t shirt and shorts, NO ONE is going to mistake me for an Attorney.  They won't come to me for legal advise.  They have and DO ask me about getting strong or into shape, because my shoulders are back and chest is out, my clothes FIT and I don't present myself doucheylike. (I made that word up).  I look like a strong, fit, old dude.

If you are a fitness professional, LOOK like you're in shape!  ACT like you're in shape.  Don't discuss your night out on the town with the boys or ladies.  It takes away from the image.

Be large in the neck, arms, back, chest, buttocks and thighs.  Have a big traps too.  If you have traded in the "Image" benchmark  for a PhD then get your ass into some semblance of it and TEACH instead of spotting.  Please don't give out suggestions how to be big and bad ass when you aren't.

Ladies, if you don't want a million penis pictures sent to your Social Media then don't present yourself like the next Jenna Jameson. (Porn Queen for those in the dark)  Tighten up your act and you won't be treated like that.

Men, you're over 35 years of age with a flat bill hat turned backward,  don't complain that you get no respect.

Unless you have stepped into the ring or Octagon for a title, the MMA/Tap Out shirt doesn't mean you are a Mixed Martial Arts Champion.  It might mean you need more practice and get punched in the face at least ONCE for a first time.


In all seriousness, I don't act or look any way other than the way I want to be treated.  If I am, I certainly don't BREACH Rule #67 and complain about it...


Today's Training:

Dynamic Bench:






4" Top End Lock Outs of the spotting rails:

1x3@ the 90% you ended with

1x3@10% more

1x3@20% more


DB Incline Press:

5x10 increasing the weight each set

C/S Row:

5x10 increasing the weight each set

Tricep: 4x12

Bicep: 4x12

Shrugs: 4x12