My buddy Scott Norton who founded Axis Personal Trainers in the affluent neighborhood of Menlo Park told me this one evening.  Scott opened the gym in one of the wealthiest towns in the United States and had a clientele base of the 1% ers.   Many of these people often shared large tips in their compensation for the training.  They would also GIVE graciously not only their time, and experience to help us "trainers" but they would allow us into THEIR worlds as guest.

Scott recommended to me that I should be gracious in my acceptance of these "gifts" (I have never experienced this before) but to understand that I was a GUEST in the 1% world of jet setting and high cotton living and NOT a resident.

I knew who I was and surely didn't want to be anyone else, nor be what any other person THOUGHT I should be.

I became comfortable in my skin, that was scarred and aging.  I didn't  NEED the Ferrari or Ocean front home, but I also didn't mind the people that did own them lending them to me for some fun.

I know that I wouldn't want the problems that came with that kind of cash flow.  I probably am STILL the Emperor of simplicity.

Like Jeff Spicoli said in "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"  "All I need is a few buds and some tasty waves...(and my weights)"

I am who I say I am.  You should be who you want to be, not what anyone else's perception of you they think you should be.

Today's Training:

3" deficit deadlift to a 3 RM:  Beat last weeks number

GHR: 50 reps  ONE SET if you can

16" Box Step Up:






Ballistic Med Ball Situps:

3x10 with a 5 lb ball being thrown from the ab contraction like a catapult.  HARD

Side Flex: 3x12 using the 45 degree back extension.