My Whitman College Goalie extraordinaire came in TODAY and either said this exact phrase or said something of which I had no clue and THOUGHT she said with the fans blowing loud and music thumping.

Either way, I was trying my darnedest to figure out a simple way of saying that we all have SHIT.  Often times we have too much SHIT.  It could be material shit, emotional shit, bags upon bags of shit but it's there.  ALL OF IT!

I am often found eliminating the shit, but if you choose to keep it, any  or all of it, get it organized so you don't look like an idiot when you need a certain item or it.

My son has turned into a modern day Felix Unger. (Don't know who that is?  Research the "Odd Couple".   Hunter has this new found OCD about organization and cleanliness.  "Everything has a spot and there is a spot for everything, Dad" he will tell me.

I'm cool with it, until I can't find my sunglasses that he has stowed away.  But in a pinch, if I need something, I can ask, "HUNER!!!  Where is my fogettaboutit?" and he will know right where it is.

Organize your day so that when you get thrown a curve ball, you can reset the appointments

Organize your drawers.  (not those! the dresser)  you will know where that t shirt is, the underwear you wanted to wear or the new tube of toothpaste and you won't have to spend money on buying a brand new one because you thought you were OUT.

Organize your thoughts.  It will be easier to prioritize and then that makes your thoughts will flourish.

Organize your body.  I teach neutral head which is ears pulled back over your shoulders, your shoulders over your hip. Hip over the knees, which are over your ankle.  THAT organizes your spine, and posture, and THAT will help you breath.  Don't think that's important?  You can go 40 days without food.  You can go 10 days without water.  Try going FIVE minutes without breathing.  You'll understand the importance of an organized body.

Today's Training:

Pop Your Heart!

Single hand over head dumb bell walk:

8x80 yards

Men: 25 lbs

Women: 15 lbs

Dumbell Farmer Carry:






Bike Ride:

20 minutes steady state


Sprint I: 10x50

Sprint II 5x100


All this done in the heat wave we are experiencing in California right now.  +100 degrees

Copious amount of water!

Proper rest intervals