"I intended to..."

"His intentions were noble"

"Our intentions were recognized"

These are a few of non implemented plans.  No one that I know deliberately has bad intentions.  Even those we think are EVIL don't perceive their intentions to be.

But the fail safe to failed plans is that the intention was there!

How about this?  The buck stops with YOU!  If you say you will do something, DO IT!  Don't "intend" to do it.

This morning one of my newer participants and I were discussing the nutritional game plan.

I was recommending to get rid of some of the unnecessary sugars in the diet.  That perhaps the over eating of bread might help drop a few pounds of stored fat.

I got the face and then it came out, "I intended to cut back on bread, but I LOVE it so, and it's right there to be consumed, I mean...".  My immediate thought was, hmmmmm, well OK, DON'T purchase it for a few weeks.  Then it won't be there to tease you.  Out of sight out of mind.  Now, your intentions to cut back have been solidified.

"Oh but bread is my weakness".  OK, let's make discipline a strength. Don't BUY IT!!!

Now my intention to direct you in the manner to be goal achieving is put into ACTION!

Replace your intentions with ACTION


Today's training:

Pin pressing Floor Press:

BEAT last weeks 3 rep number


Pull ups:

7 sets of 1/2 your max for one set reps


DB Front Raise:







'Og: 1 mile

Bike: 22 minutes