One of the best feelings is knowing what you are seeing or hearing is in fact B.S. !  I've let people go sometimes way too long before giving my patented "look" then a wry smile and  say, Bullshit, or Quit Bullshitting me.

The louder and more adamant they are about the B.S. the better the call out is.

Understand you don't have to be a poop about it.  But the subtle "Bull" is enough to redden the face of the best prolific lier.

One time I posted on the Social Networks about the I was going to do, and I demanded people to be politically INCORRECT when they thought I was.

What a glorious volley of insults, lies, and call outs.  For days, people asked if we "could do it again?"  Which made me think that there is something liberating about calling Bullshit.

However, it better be straight up Bull.  If the source is correct and you call BS and it's NOT???  Then man o man, you deserve the public flogging.  Make sure the words are absolutely faux.

As Arnold said in one of his famous B.S. rants (YouTube it)  "C'mon Dillon...quit bullshitting me".

Today's Training:

Pop Your Heart

Warm up: 1/2 mile 'og

Warm up Sprint: 10x10 yards

Side shuffle: 5x10 yards x 2 (one for each direction)

3 step side shuffle turn to forward sprint: 5x10 yards x 2 (one for each direction)

Quick step Pick ups (quick tempo) 5x50 yards

Sprint: 3x100 yards @80%

Sand Pit:

10 suicides

30 squat thrust Jumps.  No not burpees.  These are NOT for the feint of heart.  Full range of motion with an explosion out of the sand!