I have an average size kitchen.  I'm an abnormally wider type guy.  I do the cooking and move about the kitchen with the grace of a uncaged Lion.  The moment either my wife or son enter the kitchen, my rhythm is thrown off and now I am more like a caged Gorilla.  Add in BOTH at the same time coupled with my large Bernese Mountain Dog, then elbows and nostrils flair, the hair raises, and it's Drop the mitts, time to throw, good old fashion hockey brawling.

The orders are then barked..."GET OUT OF MY KITCHEN!" at a loud volume.  Order is returned and I am in my safe spot once again.

That was until, my son gave ME the directive one evening because HE was in charge of cooking the dinner.  WHAT?  Yes.  He ordered me to "GET OUT OF HIS KITCHEN! "  So I did, and he made the most wonderful meal a parent could enjoy.  It was in fact HIS kitchen.

I have taught leadership principles as well as Strength and Conditioning to what I figure has to be thousands of people (by now).  SOME get more than others.  SOME actually pay attention to the subtle things I do and say and find ways to make it applicable to their situations.

Once in the role of being a leader in any of my programs, the learner begins to understand that they had to TAKE it.  I surely wasn't about to GIVE it to anyone.

Leaderships is always TAKEN by a leader.


Today's Training:

Clean up the gym after the slobs from the night before.

2" high box squat to establish a 3 rep heavy set.  This is NOT an all out effort.  If you need a spotter, you're too heavy.


Good Mornings: 3x10


Situps: 3x10


Bike Ride to and from the gym.  Going home today, I ate shit (again).  I came around a curve and the bikeway was occupied by two people taking up the space.  I swerved to avoid hitting them causing my front tire to go off the walk and into soft sand.

As I was going over the handle bars...(again)  I thought Rut-Roh, I'm going to be sliding for quite a while because actually...my speed was too fast! (dope)

I contacted the ground, and slid, face down, hand and belly in contact.  Beautiful lower back arch keeping my balls and face out of touch.  As I came to a stop with seriously only the most minor of abrasion, the two fellas who I avoided stared at me for what seemed like minutes.  I rolled over to my back looking at the beautiful sky and feeling the warm sun on my face, I began to laugh!  Then I laughed harder to which these two guys must have thought "what a PSYCHO".   All I could think of was to stand up, give the guys a crab flex pose and then spread my arms to gesture...."SAFE!"