Once you have taken leadership (see yesterday's rule #77) the goal is to keep it.  There are times when it is thrusted upon a person and it doesn't matter whether that person is ready or not, it's time to perform.

We're moving the entire gym EVERY Thing that is Combat Sport Academy across the street to a bigger building.   At 0730 a big Kenworth 18 wheeler shows up at my current location with a fella who just drove 2000 miles with some gym flooring.  40,000 pounds of it to be exact.

I'm busy as fuck with people needing coaching, spots, and answers to questions.

This driver wants to get the shit off his truck and get out of Dodge before the California traffic begins to suck worse.

I haven't been in the "loop" in terms of timing, deliveries, and other rather important things.  Mind you, I AM THE EARLY MORNING.  No one shows up for the Combat aspect until noon(?)  CrossFit does what CrossFit does.  I have no clue what that might be, and I'm usually finished about 10:00ish or 11:00ish with my "room mate" showing up for his program around that time.

I digress.  I know that the flooring belongs across the street at the new location, but I'm unclear if we even have a Temporary Permit of Occupancy.  I ask the driver what the address is that he should deliver it to, and it's our current location.

So...I'm in charge, I tell him to drop that stuff right HERE!

As suspected, it was suppose to go across the street.  BUT...

I took charge.

I also take the responsibility for that decision.  That floor needed to be moved after the C.O. was obtained.

I did the best I could with the information I had on hand.

LIFE will sometimes throw you into the position of needing to take charge.  Someone gets sick, or doesn't show up.  Someone freak'n DIES on you.  YOU are now in charge.  TAKE charge.  You will make wrong decisions.  You'll make more correct ones.  The more decisions you make, the better you get at doing so.


When in charge...TAKE CHARGE!


Today's Training:

Pop Your Heart

Prowler: 6x80 yards

Rope Skipping: 15x30 seconds "on"/ 30 seconds rest

Combat Chassis exercises

Windshield Wipers: 3x12

Out and Back Planks: 3x12

Chin ups: 5 sets at 1/2 the reps of an all out rep set

Dips: Same

Push Ups: Same.  My son Hunter had to do 5 sets of 50 push ups.  He can rip out a set of 100 pretty decent push ups.  Manster