How many times have you stopped doing something because you were afraid?

How many times have you thought about not offending someone.  Yea YOU tough guy...You didn't have the balls to say what was on your mind, so you swallowed your words and now you need to stop off at Isle five at CVS or Walgreens for some Vagisil.

You didn't go out with the Prom Queen, why?  You bagless Bastard you didn't ASK her.  What was the worst thing she was going to say...NO?  So...

We would say "14 no's means maybe"

How was that night out under the stars in the Sarengetti?   Ohhhh, that's right, you didn't go because you were afraid of the Lions.

Or how about that?...or this?  Oh yea, you didn't attend it because you were staying home because you were a PUSSY!

How about that new PR? haven't improved in 6 months, why?  YOU'RE A PUSSY.

Life begins just outside your genitals.

Now don't get this wrong, I am using the "FEMALE" here to make my point.  You gals aren't off the hook.  You too can be a PUSSY even in the possession of one.

You never got out of your "COMFORT" zone and have fell into the existence of "Meaningless Mediocrity" as my pal Charlie Bounty would say.

What POSSIBLY could you be afraid of.

Leave that comfort zone Today...NO! Right now!!!  Do something BOLD and stop being a Pussy.

Today's Training:

Dynamic Box Squat: 10x2@55%

Dead Lift: 10x1@55%

Reverse Hyper: 2x10@270  This was harder since my bike accident.  The top of the RH table was smashing my bruise.  Now THAT was sensational.

Suspended Knees to Elbow: 2x15

Side Flex using the 45 degree back extension: 2x15 each side