Those that know me recognize how long I've been doing this.  At the age of 17 I was a Nautilus Trainer full of piss and vinegar.  Like all teenagers I LOVED music.  I still do.  There were three ways to listen to it as far as I was concerned.

1. Loud

2. All the way up loud

3. MY LEVEL of Loud with the windows blowing out and your clothes ripped off...(really?)

Even back then, the owner of the gym, Mike Artega quoted a study (I thought he made it up) that said that "if the music was too loud, it was actually counter productive for its intended use as a stimulus or increase the energy of individual participants"

Awww BULLSHIT!  But it wasn't.  I didn't know what I didn't know.

I remember driving while embracing my inner rock and roll star.  My co-pilot went to reach for the volume so he could say something.  I slapped his hands away gave him my famous "LOOK" and told him he only needed to speak LOUDER!

What many don't realize is that I invested a LOT of time behind the stick of a helicopter.  Now those were LOUD as fuck!  However, I used earplugs under the headgear and my yearly hearing test never dipped below acceptable level.

I was freaking lucky.

Just recently one of my Team mates, Dr. Marilia Coutinho PhD posted her findings on Social Media.  She was neither for or against the volume.  She was stating FACTS from her findings.  Of course every Tom's dick got hairy, and the usual nonsense ensued.  (people need to cool their jets off and take notes before inserting feet)

I've stated in the past, LOUD music doesn't psych anyone up.  I don't psych people up.  You are MOTIVATED by either something you want, or something you want to avoid.  Pain or Pleasure.  Music can certain EXCITE you, but it doesn't motivate you.  THAT comes from INSIDE YOU!

I am so happy for all of my hearing (although it IS selective these days)  I like to hear nature's orchestra.  I was telling Dr. Coutinho about my experience riding my bike to work the other morning at Zero-Dark-Dark.

I came upon a runner with ear buds in and I could still hear the music.  I can't imagine the ear drum damage.  However, there were two things that I immediately began to think about.

1. There was no situational awareness what so ever.  I could have been a psychopath and gotten to within inches which be much too late for them to take evasive action.  (Shut up!  I know what you are thinking...)

2. I like the music of my body and Nature's Orchestra when I am turning the crank or working out in any regard.  I would have missed the wind section of the orchestra as the sound of the air rushed past my ears, the crickets and birds as they meet each other to sing their duet at that time of the day.    I would not have been privy to the percussion section as my heart beat quickened as my pace did.

There would have been no string section as the air slammed against my exposed skin.

The click of the changing gears and surrounding sounds of my town in it's awaking stage.

Protect your hearing by protecting the volume that goes into your ears.

You will not like the outcome if later on in YOUR life you begin to miss the SWEET SOUNDS of ANYTHING!


Today's training:

Pop Your Heart Saturday

10 x 10 yard warm up "pick ups"

10 x 40 yard sprints @60-75%

5x75 yard sprints@75-85%

2x100 yard sprints @90%

Sand Pit Suicides: 10 x the length of a volleyball court and where it's net is placed

Side Shuffle Shuttles: 10x

Bear Crawl: 4 x the length of the VB court