There is NOTHING like stress to make people breach Rule #67.  Over the past few days I went "dark" from communicating to everyone.

No internet

No phone (land line...I don't own a cell phone)


We had a PG&E power outage on Sunday and it was followed by our Comcast going batshit crazy.

We had to get a technician out here and he JUST now left.  (Wed. afternoon)

We moved my gym this past Friday.  We were "down" since then until Tuesday morning... EARLY.  We are settling in today so the equipment isn't exactly right, the music isn't exactly right, the access to the gym is not exactly right, and pay checks haven't gone out in the mix of mess.

Simultaneously I decide to put a Reverse Osmosis and Water Treatment system into my home.  Our cities' water will kill even the Hulk by the all the reports.

My home became a disheveled landmark.

Hunter's school year began on Monday and Tuesday was his 11th Birthday.  This coincides with it being the first official night of Hockey Practice on his new team.

As the technician was wrapping things up, he asked me how I can be "so nice at this time of day?"  I thought about it, because I am one to break Rule 67 as in NEVER, and told him, Blessed are the flexible for they shall never be bent out of shape.

We had a nice laugh and he went on to his next appointment telling me that "he could only hope that the rest of his day can go as fun as the time he spent at Casa de Selkow.

Think about it, what good does the bitching do?  Why stress?  Things are going to happen regardless how pissed off you get, so why bother getting pissed off?

Yea, there will be times that we ALL break, but fuck it!!!  Let's get back to having some fun.

Today's Training:

3 rep high box squat: Break last weeks numbers

Good Morning: 1x10@45




Step Up "Pistols"

I didn't put the Functional Step that fits the 3x3 reach too high so we could concentrate on the heel drive and only tapping the other HEEL on the ground.


1x10@5 Dumbell