If you have learned ANYTHING from my "100 Life Rules" this one suggests only TWO must read books.

1. "How To Win and Influence People" by Dale Carnegie.  Written in 1933 this book tells you everything and exactly how I deal with people.  Since you are probably within 100 yards of another Human being it is a safe bet that you will have to relate to that person in some manner.  This book should be REQUIRED reading of EVERY 10th grader and re-read every year.  I'm on my third BOOK and I highlight it, dog ear pages, quote it...but most importantly, I apply IT!

2. "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu  In case the first book isn't applicable to your situations, then you better know how to strategically WHOOP SOME ASS!  Every great battle can be drawn back to the principles of winning by Sun Tzu.  You can apply everything immediately in this book as well, when the war might be as simple as Persuasion of an idea.


Today's Training:

Set a new PR in the Close Grip Bench by 5 or 10 pounds...ONLY!

DB Row: 4x10

Seated Dumbell Cleans: 4x15

Supine DB Tricep Extension: 4x10

Curls: 4x10