You live, but are you living the way you want?

You have decisions to make, but are they your own decisions or are they based on what others want?

You say you're the "Alpha" but is that because you are the leader at conforming to what the group says?

When you decide things for YOURSELF there are some key elements that must take place.

1. For starters you must LEARN to THINK for yourself.  You take the collaborated ideas of the people who have the experience and the fruit on their tree of success in the endeavor you are choosing, and you come up with your own plan based on your core values and beliefs and that collective knowledge.

2. You MUST get rid of all facades.  Your true colors need to be seen without regard of the criticisms or condemnations that may follow.  Who the fuck cares what the Nay sayers say?

3. The buck stops with YOU.  Yup, no more passing on the blame to others.  It will be because of you that you win, or because of you, that you fail.  It isn't the weather's problem, your wife/husband/Significant other, it isn't your color, religion, where you live, your economic or educational background.  What ever rule 67 breach you have...It is all on YOU!  You are responsible like none other.

When you think for yourself and not let OTHERS persuade you, you will only then become the Master of your own destiny.  Until then you are a pawn in someone else's destiny.


Today's training:

Dynamic Box Squat: 8x2@60%

Dead Lift: 8x1@60%

Reverse Hyper: 4x10

Suspended Knees to elbow: 3x12

Side Bends using the 45 degree back extension: 3x12 each side.

Run: 10x10 yards

10x@50 yards

5x100 yards