Your ATTITUDE and not your AMPLITUDE is what determines your ALTITUDE.

How high you can achieve and how you feel when you get there is determined by your attitude.  NO ONE can shape that unless you allow it to happen.

Guard your attitude.

Turn off the Social Media bullshit

Turn off the regular media bullshit

READ...Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) books

Listen to motivational speakers that pump up your goose bumps.

Heisman Trophy all the Negative Stink'n Think'n

THEN...KICK IT ALL BACK AND RELAX (Rule 27) to let it all set in.


Today's Training:

Pop Your Heart Saturday.  Conditioning.

10x10 yd warm up sprints 50%-60%

5x10 yard side shuffle to the left

5x10 yard side shuffle to the right

10x50 yard Pick up playing various stride length games

2x100 yard put all the new techniques together


-Stride length

Sand Pit Hell.

10 suicides

Width broad jumps x 5

One foot broad jumps x 4 each leg

Bear Crawl to one end. Sprint back (in the sand) x 3 in a row=1 rep

Do that twice!

Roll around in the sand, get wet, get sandy feel'n froggy...JUMP