We live in California and just ended a five year drought.  We had water restrictions out the butt and fines to pay if we broke the rules. I am here to tell you that we STILL showered daily.

You can choose what time of day.  Some people need to do it in the morning.  Sure, it can wake you up and gets you going, but so does the proper idea to kick some major ass.  The shower is for excitement purposes only.

You can shower after your training session.  YES!  No one like to be around a sweaty smelly mess, so that is indeed a good time to even use SOAP.

I do it right before bed.  To me it allows me to rinse away the days grime and keeps my sheets from smelling like a dorm room.

Whatever time you choose, do it.  It doesn't have to be a water wasting long hot shower.

I actually prefer mine cooler.  I don't do those ice cold "show me how macho" I am showers.  That's like sticking needles in your eyes to show you can stand discomfort. But, I surely don't need to have 1st degree burns or turn red from the water temperature.

I also can get in, get wet, turn it off, soap up, rinse, get out!  It counts and it takes LESS than two damn minutes.

DONE and my wife says I smell good enough to get close to.  (BONUS)


Today's Training:

Dynamic Effort Bench: 8x3@60%

4 board Press: 3x3  Beat the last times 4 board number

DB Chest Press: 4x10

DB Row: 4x10

Triceps Extensions: Your choice of exercise.  4x12

Bicep Curls: Your choice again. 4x12

Shrugs: 4x8@455

4 way neck: 1x20x5.0