When EliteFTS came out with the T shirt "GFH" which stands for "Get Fucking Huge", not only did I think it would become the best selling shirt of all time, but the underlying message I thought of immediately was that it isn't talking about your own personal PHYSICAL size, but your entire fucking world as well.

If you are the strongest person in your group of friends or training partners, you need a bigger group.

If you are the smartest person among your circle of influence, you need a bigger circle.

If you are the (fill in the blank with anything) amongst your peers, you need more peers!

Expand from where you are now!


Today's Training:

Pin Pulls Dead Lift:

From a height of 1" to 2" BELOW your knee

ESTABLISH a 3 rep heavy pull.  No need for a world record

We will be improving on this number.  Make sure to double over hand it and if the weight falls out of your hands before the third rep, IT WAS TOO HEAVY for today's purpose!!!

Good Mornings:  3x10

Again, no need to go Ape Shit over this.

We used the Mastodon Bar x 10

+50 x 10

+90 x 10


Rear Stepping Lunge:

4x10@45 bar only.


Sit ups: