When my son was tiny little, I made up a game to get him look people he met in the eyes.  My thought was, how cool it would be for a little "baby" to make eye contact and hold your gaze while you communicated with him?

After the person left, I would ask him what the other person's eye color was?

He would always correctly answer my question.  Inevitably that person would make a comment about how "engaging" my son was.

I have been told that I have this "look".  It makes a few people a wee bit uncomfortable, yet others feel comforted.  I look at your eyes when I talk with you.  I'm not searching for anything, I just want you to know that I appreciate the conversation and I am hanging onto every word you say.  I give 100% of my attention to YOU!

I will look into strangers faces and make eye contact with them.  Not the weird stalker crap that the other psychopaths do, but I'll hold your gaze long enough to be able to recall as many features about you as I can.

Make Eye Contact and don't let it get weird on YOU!!!


Today's Training:

We had to switch tomorrows training with today's.  The power is going out in our gym Thursday and I won't have lights to train in.  That's ok, since we normally "Pop the Heart" outside, we'll head out tomorrow instead.  Rule #84 applies.

Bench Press:

Work three boards up three reps until roughly 80% of the max.

Then do singles to establish that One rep/Three board max.

There shouldn't be failure!  If you get stuck under the weight, it was too heavy!!!  BUT...you do want to push this a little bit.  Rule #82!!!

Pull ups: 6 sets of 1/2 your max reps for one set.  For me that was 6x10

Triceps: Any tricep exercise you choose.  4x12

Bicep: Any bicep exercise you choose 4x12

Seated DB Cleans: 4x15