My gym Combat Sports Academy is a LARGE gym with many aspects to it under the "umbrella" CSA.

We have a very successful "Fighting" portion with many World Champions in different disciplines.

MMA has become popular and one of it's popular phrases to quote has been "Snap, Tap, or Nap"  Meaning either your opponent or you will break something of the other person, make them quit by submission or choke them until they pass out.

It never occurred to me to EVER "Tap Out".  WHAT? Be submissive?  Nah...I'd rather die first.

10 years ago a good friend of mine travelled to Japan multiple times per year to earn his Black Belt in Aikido.  After returning to the United States I asked him who are the most difficult people to fight?

I'm thinking short squatty types, long lanky ones, but NOPE...He answered "YOU!"  Me? Why?  "Because you have to kill a guy like you" was his answer.

Yesterday, I foreshadowed today's Rule by posting my disclaimer.  If you are tired of starting over stop fucking giving up!

We quit so many things when the breakthrough moment is the very next one.  We don't know how close we are because we GIVE UP or submit moments too soon.

Then we make excuses for why we didn't accomplish the objective.  We make excuses for failures.  BULLSHIT!  YOU FUCKING QUIT!

I remember getting my ass kicked in a football game.  The opponent was far superior to my team.  The point spread was such that the Head Coach began to substitute players to give them some playing time, and resting the starters as this was a lost cause.

I was BULLSHIT!  Livid doesn't do it justice.  I thought of him as a quitter.  To me...I have NEVER lost a game.  I have only run out of time!  I gave him the play by play breakdown on how we could still win the game with 3:37 on the clock in the 4th quarter.

It wasn't until he looked at me and asked, "If this is such a good plan why didn't we implement it from the starting whistle?"

I sat down!  But in my mind, if only we had more time...

Starting a diet? ...over....again????  Why did you quit on the first plan?

Starting relationships over???  What happened the last time?  Couldn't talk and work things out?

Starting another NEW job???  A new lifting program???  Why?  Because if you answer that you "QUIT" then you deserve what you get.

Stop Quitting!  NEVER TAP OUT!

Today's Training:

Pop Your Heart Wed.

Prowler: 6x120 yards

Row: 2500 Meters

Bike Commute at Mach 2 to and fro

Suspended Knee Ups: 3x10

Wipers: 20 each side (one set)

Front Plank: 3x1 minute.

No one quit!