We get it cranking with some type of caffeine in the morning, to give way to a pre workout before a training session.  Then we nose torque (ammonia caps) before a lift to amp up more so with an intra cocktail to stay anabolic.

We train 6-7 days a week "hardcore" style crushing or killing our workout.

We bust out miles or breakthrough barriers in our sprints

Our insides tell us one thing, like slow down, take a rest, only to wonder what the fuck happened when we injure ourselves.

The little voice inside tells you that a person is not "right" for you, but do you listen?  Nope, my need to get laid is way more important than the one that says to have respect for yourself or THAT person.

You impulse purchase things that your inner self SCREAMS...NO! Then you wonder why you don't have enough purchase power for that home, car, or trip that you REALLY want.

How about taking some time, (15 minutes a day is my minimum) to quietly reflect on a few of those daily issues.

What am I feeling?

Why am I feeling it?

Who or what is troublesome?

How do I rectify it without compounding the issues?

What is the final outcome I desire for this day?

Then shut up and listen to the quiet desires of your inner voice.  It won't lie, and it will make total sense to you IF you allow it to be heard.

Today's Training:

Dynamic Box Squat: 8x2@60%

Dead Lift: 8x1@60%

Reverse Hyper: 5x10 or KB or DB Swings (for those who don't have a RH)

Suspended Knees to Elbows: 3x10

Heavy DB Side Bends: 3x10 each side.