When the truth is the TRUTH, success' come from a multitude of places.  To take full credit for something is a bit narcissistic.  Whether your idea came from an inspiring place, the road to success was nurtured by MANY inputs from sometimes, unknown sources.

When you succeed it is usually because MANY people have helped you along the path.

Flip the coin over, and when you have failures (and you will fail much more than you will succeed) we are quick to blame others.  Remember...when you point your finger at someone, there are THREE coming back at YOU!

I like to stop the shit from rolling down to people that I might have the opportunity to "oversee".  Management doesn't get to them!  I will take the blame for the failed operation because those people were looking to me for the leadership and I failed THEM.

I give credit when it is due (and that's often) and I will take the blame (always).


Saturday "Pop Your Heart"

10x10 yard sprint warm ups.  50%-75% effort

5 side shuffles to EACH side x 10 yards. 50% effort

Walking Lunges w/ over the head reach when the knee is down: 5x10 yards

50 yard Sprints: x 10

Count the number of left foot strikes and on the next one try to reduce that number by 1

Count the number of right foot strikes and on the next one reduce that number by 1

the remaining 6 reps...stride outs w/ relaxed form.

100 yard Sprints: 2x100

200 yard Sprint: 1x200

Sand Pit:

10 suicides

10 side shuffle suicides

5 Bear Crawls

2 x 10 squat/thrust/push up/jump squat

Get Wet/Get Sandy