It's kind of ironic, but I am in the middle of a negotiation at this very moment.  I want to put in pavers and a lap pool into my backyard.  I refer you to Rule 21, when I tell you I know how much I can spend!  At the end of a LONG and tumultuous addition to my home, I had exhausted our "Home Improvement" fund.  I knew what I wanted on the outside to resurrect the damage the builders had done to my yard and had a price in my head.

I've gotten a few quotes and realized I needed to make more money before I agreed to any.  Two months have expired and my funds were where I needed to be.  I KNOW the number.  ONE of the bids came back when I called and now had a NEW and greater fee.  After a long bout of "you said, and I said", He asked me "what number would you be comfortable with?"  I did not say a thing.  I just looked through his pupils into his soul (of course I wanted to tell him what I really thought) making for not awkward silence but that UNEASY silence.

I watched him squirm a bit, and then he said that he would re work the numbers.  But I needed to know that we need to compare apples to apples, that he's real busy now and blah, blah, blah.

I am known for my sharp tongue when I returned with, Apples? NO! I want pavers and a pool, I don't want any fucking apples.  Busy?  We're ALL busy.  You go back and rework the numbers.  Come back to me IF you want to continue to do business and I will say yes or no. But remember...I have referred you to a LOT of people that MADE you busy.  I have never gone hiding when it was time to PAY you and I have paid for EVERYFUCKING thing you have previously done.  You didn't GIVE me anything that I didn't pay for.  Just remember who you came to the dance with.

I believe he got my point.  He hasn't gotten back to me as of yet.  Either he is cutting bait or he is changing the plan.  But NEVER did I give him MY bottom line number.  Don't ever make or take the first offer! (In ANY negotiation.) Business 101.

Today's Training:

Pop Your Heart

Leg Swing: 20 x each leg

Abduction Leg Swing: 20 each leg

Horse stance knee circles: 20 each leg

Row: 15 minutes  Go as FAR as possible.  3422 was the number to beat.


6 x 120 yards

My gastrocs actually held together for the first time in WEEKS.  I have an issue when I take in creatine of any sort.  My calfs cramp and this spasm would NOT go away.

Two trips to Ben the Body Work Genie

Body Tempering

Knobby Foam Roller

Essential Oils (see Judy Metcalf)

Ionic Reverse Osmosis Water w/ Himalayan sea salt, apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cut lemon juice. 40 oz. per day sipping on it throughout the day.

Stretching the bejesus out of them too.

FINALLY they feel almost good to sprint!